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The Trigonum quality management portal for integrated management systems and compliance based on Microsoft SharePoint

The increasing integration of business processes is leading to a continual greater complexity. It is true, extensive internal and external requirements, such as normative specifications, customer requirements and legal obligations to implement.

To meet these demands different management systems are often constructed. It creates independent individual solutions. The consequence is the loss of the total overview, so that many issues are doubly prepared.

At the same time the management are often missing key indicators to detect the efficiency of internal processes as well as potential risks, to evaluate and to control.

To meet these requirements we have developed the TRI-Quality Portal.

Our solution: TRI - Quality - The framework for management systems

Our specialty is:

  • Blocks of different management systems merge into one tailored to your business unitary structure.
  • The essential requirements of the ISO standards such as Quality, service, risk, process management and information security to be anchored in the  operational processes.
  • To create a certifiable, integrated management system based on Microsoft SharePoint® that supports adherence to compliance requirements.
  • By using synergies and pooling resources to create leaner and more efficient solutions.

 Compliance and Quality Management with MS SharePoint

TRI-Quality is based on many years of experience in the installation, operation and certification of management systems with Microsoft SharePoint®.

The intelligent combination of processes and technology creates compliance!

Our SharePoint solution integrates seamlessly into the existing office landscape and thus leads to high user acceptance. The central provision regulates clearly the responsibilities. Management systems are in practice active living and increase the productivity and competitiveness of your company.

Transparency and process optimization by TRI-Quality

  • Standardized, documented business processes.
  • Transparency of processes for all employees.
  • Transparent structures.
  • Avoid duplication of efforts.
  • Process knowledge is no longer distributed to a few employees, but generally available.
  • Processes and structures be lived and continually developed.

Which function modules are offered by TRI-Quality?

Document control

  •  Transparent and central storage of documents.
  • Location independent access.
  • Fulfilling the requirements for document control according to various standards and norms.
  • Release and publishing workflows.
  • Automatic tracking of changes.
  • Revision-proof by versioning and archiving


Integrated audit management for the planning, implementation, documentation and tracking of audits and the resulting responsibilities. Checklists and questionnaires can be stored and used norm- and audit based.

Risk Management

Integrated risk management with standard catalogs in support of the threat analyzes and risk identification. Central documentation of the identified risks and planning of actions to address those risks.

Measures Management

Measures of for example the areas of document management, audits, risk management and CIP are combined centrally and monitored. Automatic reminders and resubmission capabilities enable timely implementation.

Reporting and Business Intelligence (BI)

The integrated reporting and BI functionality enables targeted related provision of information through dashboards and reports.

Portal and intranet functionality

  • Target group-related provision of documents and information.
  • Location-independent access to content from the perspective of the respective management system.
  • Enterprise search of documents and information.
  • Area-related and role-optimized sites.
  • Group and team calendars.
  • Forums, wikis, central knowledge database.
  • Workflow.

 Open interfaces

The architecture of TRI-Quality enables the integration of data from almost all external systems, such as ERP systems, ticketing systems, asset management, CRM. Norms and standards.
The TRI-Quality is open to all management systems, such as e.g .: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, GXP, PMBOK, GPM, Prince. 2