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Project Management with SharePoint

Initial situation “Distributed project work”

According to a study on "project management in distributed project teams" for 90% of respondents project work is important. Nevertheless, every 2nd project runs unsatisfactory regarding meetings, deadlines, costs and project goals.

Projects often fail due to

  • insufficient knowledge, form and document management
  • poor transparency in project and portfolio management

The frequent lack of professional application support leads to

  • unsatisfactory project successes,
  • lack of data transparency and
  • insufficient support team collaboration.

The SharePoint Project Management Business Application

As a solution, we have developed a project management portal, which based on Microsoft SharePoint® technology. Our Project Management Portal enables the integral support of project work with SharePoint.  It is then possible:

  • At project start not to start again from scratch
  • To use internal corporate knowledge correctly
  • Use standardized forms
  • To organize projects always equal
  • To avoid delays in the organizational planning phase

Our solution has the following properties:

  • Browser-based portal application to manage documents and data
  • Creation of transparency through centralized and transparent storage of project related information
  • Integration of project management logic and workflows
  • Extensive reporting and processed data representation

A "cockpit" layout, for example, serves the clear presentation of all projects and project-related information.

Storage of project information

Thus information can be created, managed and provided depending on project management phases.