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Requirements management in combination with portfolio management based on SharePoint®

The limited availability of resources on the one hand and the number of requests on the other hand lead often to conflicts. A parallel processing of all requirements is not possible and cannot be recommended. A way out of this situation is a prioritization of requirements.

The transparency of the available resources is the basis for this and, secondly, the transparency of these existing requirements and projects.

Combined with the Requirements Management manages the SharePoint® Business Application "IT Portfolio Management" of Trigonum GmbH precisely this transparency to prioritize requirements. The solution provides an enterprise-wide transparent project portfolio.

It also enables a demand planning of IT resources. We have developed a dashboard for showing the information necessary for prioritization and planning.

Tool Based on governance

The basis for this comprehensive data transparency to support and justification of management decisions are available through our Trigonum Framework for requirements and portfolio management.

If required, we like to support you in the design and implementation of methods for the sustainable establishment of a governance process in your company. For more information see here: IT Strategy and Governance

"By channeling detection and resource-oriented prioritization of project requirements, IT can get back into a structured work."

  • Creating a company-wide transparency regarding the proposed and prioritized projects.
  • Acceptance as regards the prioritization through active involvement of management and the requestor in the prioritization.
  • Relief of IT through focused work on the prioritized projects.
  • Improve project quality and punctuality by resource-based prioritization.