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Requirements Management

Requirements Management and IT Governance solve the problems in the project planning. Permanently!

In most cases business and IT strategies are only slightly interlinked with each other. The reason for that are mainly the lack of organizational structures for close cooperation between business and information technology, as a study of Trigonum determined.

They are referred to be functional only by every fourth IT manager, all others don’t give the organization conditions for IT governance no good marks because the IT strategies derived only slightly or not at all from either the market-related corporate strategies.

IT Governance

This problem field of IT Governance, which is due essentially to inadequate processes in Requirements Management, dedicated to "Trigonum Requirements Management" through a systematic approach to building sustainable effective and transparent structures. This methodology is based on best practice models and lays open at any time the need for action to all stakeholders. At the same time clear responsibilities are defined in all areas of management, departments and IT.

This creates an instrument that transforms the originally troubled relationships with significant negative impact on the competitiveness and profitability of the company in simple controllable request processes.

The decisive effect: Permanently closely integrated strategies of business and IT rather than contradictory procedures without common denominator. Trigonum requirements management relies in its methodical approach to synchronize business and IT strategies in the following mission-critical solution steps:

Sensitize for a targeted communication

Inadequate communication structures in the company is one of the core problems of the discrepancies between business and IT strategies.
Despite the seemingly established voting procedure between the departments with their business requirements and the IT as a technical implementation resources, from the point of results no sufficient consensus is taken place. The causes are mainly the different languages with different views of the targets in the project requirements.

Analysis of the requirements on company benefits

Because the business strategies are not always displayed adequately in their meaning to the project requirements, it requires a thorough analysis of all planned projects. Therefore the focus of this phase of "Trigonum Requirements Management" is a review which actually have the measures provided for a sufficiently high corporate strategic value. For this analysis, different dimensions of evaluation are used for each matrix, for example, this includes also the costs and resource requirements. The sum of their numerical individual results then represents the priority value of the requirement for the company.

Systematic and reliable prioritization of projects

Based on the identified strategic and operational values, now an objective priority list of all requirements of the various respective disciplines can now be created. For all involved it derives a binding project portfolio. Supported by an electronic documentation that includes a ranking of the entire project, including its priority review for a company-wide transparency, the foundations for a comprehensive synchronization of business and IT are created with this portfolio.