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Trigonum Professional Project Management - TPPM

TPPM stands for

TPPM creates more transparency in the enterprise by uniform project management standards and generates a common project management understanding. The specific business standards and processes are trained. Practical training on business projects already deliver the first results and raise the motivation of the employees. TPPM promotes actively the project-covering communication of the project managers and project teams.

Your situation?

Many projects do not reach the desired success concerning costs, to appointments and results.

  • Projects have a low significance in the day –to-day business.
  • A clear frame and professional methods are missing.
  • There is uncertainty in the planning and control by employees and project managers.
  • Isolated treatment and differences in the settlement of the projects lead to conflict of objectives and extra work.

Precise solutions

Successful conversion of complicated settings of tasks assumes a professional application of project management methods.
TPPM is one step ahead. To guarantee an optimum conversion, we combine classical methods of the project management training with a specific approach for the enterprise. We provide professional methods of the project work, develop individual solutions in concrete projects from the business everyday life and deliver therefore, already within the scope of the training, a measurable use for your enterprise. A project-accompanying coaching by the trainers gives selective assistance and increases the efficiency of the project teams.

Increase the success of your projects!

Trigonum Professional Project Management (TPPM) connects training with project work and leads to

  • Successful projects
  • Lived project management competence
  • Motivated project teams
  • More efficiency

The team of Trigonum Consulting supports you to bring your projects on the right course.