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Methoden und Standards

Many tasks within the company require a derogation from the line organization and established processes procedure, because they are associated with particular requirements. In this case, these are projects. 

Although it is tempting to call a line of duty as a project, this term should be used only for tasks that are distinguished by

  • the uniqueness and complexity of the task,
  • a clear objective (value, performance, quality, revenue)
  • Limitations of time, financial, human, material resources,
  • Differentiating it from other projects and
  • a project-specific organization.

Project management is more than just a buzzword today. In virtually all business projects are carried out. Project managers are manager on time, are placed on the very high demands, because their tasks are always new and complex.

To lead projects successfully from the preparation of the start to the finish - which includes more than just the management of appointments. Under project management are understood all organizational procedures and techniques that are associated with the successful completion of a complex project.

Essential elements of project management

  • Clear definition of project objectives
  • Creating clearly defined structures and processes
  • Fixed / personalized project powers and -responsibility
  • Transparent expenses and costs as well as capacity
  • Targeted and open communication in the project
  • Avoiding disturbances and risks
  • Improving interdepartmental cooperation - better use of energy for the project work that would otherwise be lost through friction in communication
  • Alignment of departmental resources on the corporate goals
  • Improving the efficiency, transparency and coordination of all projects (multi-project management)
  • The fulfilment of the objectives in the individual projects regarding results, dates, expenses and productivity
  • Parent settlement of changes in the project

Our approach

Trigonum supported in the creation of project management methods and the development of efficient project and multi-project organizations as well as the creation of project management manuals. Cooperation in bodies of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® we take into account the current trends of project management in our methods and tools.

This includes the definition of the elementary project management processes, such as:

  • Project application and prioritization
  • project planning
  • project management
  • project change
  • project completion
  • The creation of forms and documents for project management
  • The development of project process models.

 PMI is a registered trademark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.