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TrigonumSCORE helps to analyse the ICT costs

Consulting solution analysis the holistic profitability of the IT organisation

(Hamburg, 17.04.2008). Concerning the transparency of the IT costs in the enterprises the situation is apparently in many cases worse than expected. According to a study of the consultancy Trigonum, in this regard, positive conditions exist merely in every fifth case.  In contrast two of five of the nearly 400 questioned middle class enterprises and large-scale enterprises, call the cost transparency of their information technology and communication technology dissatisfactory.


Following this set of problem the Hamburgian consultancy has developed the solution “TrigonumSCORE”.

It includes a comprehensive analysis of the ICT costs by the use of Best Practice, internationally approved standards like ITIL and ISO27001 as well as essential market data and data of experience. The consultation solution is based on a systematic approach, on a total of six phases, which lead to concrete recommendations on action in each case.

Thus the IT oriented strategies and concepts are lighted up in detail, within the scope of the initial actual admission, in consideration of the project portfolio and the existing technical systems. Afterwards a general analysis of a strength and weakness profile of the central and decentralised construction organisation occurs, including the interfaces to the adjoining departments. The investigation of the organisation relations also encloses an assessment of the responsibilities, technical qualifications and planning of the personnel resources. In the next phase the concrete IT alignment will be examined, in respect of the manner, the strategical positioning, the structure of the whole achievement portfolio as well as the operational sequences corresponds to the actual demand of the enterprise.

With an assessment of the economic characteristics, processes, competencies and methods of the IT area TrigonumSCORE finally comes to the analysis phase. It extends into the inquiry of the total costs per product and service for the purpose of an external service provider (TCO) and also contains a cost-benefit evaluation of the outsourcing and service agreements. The whole results are shown in clearly structured overviews with the characteristics, quantity structures and cost structures. Furthermore Trigonum develops on the basis of the obtained results, concrete models for the specific optimisation of the transparency and economic efficiency of the IT organisation. They contain a demand-actuated prioritization of the necessary measures, describe the possible methods and provide a differentiated basis for decision-making.

 “The value of such an analysis does not only consist of the fact, that in this manner reduction of costs and hidden costs are disclosed”, Trigonum manager Peter Bodino points out the fact, that at the same time an operational assured basis for decision-making originates. “The comprehensive cost and performance transparency flattens for example the way for substantiated make-or-buy assessment and enables improvement of contracts”, he explains. Also the processes for budget planning and cost allocation will be simplified.


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