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Quick Check IT Security

What should be reached?

The purpose of the "quick check IT security" is an appraisal of the IT security level to point out potential dangers. By our proceeding you receive very fast an overview concerning risks to the availability, integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of your business processes supporting IT systems. You will receive optimisation approaches in the form of concrete action recommendations.

How do we proceed?

  • At first the investigation circumference of the "quick check IT security" is tuned. This can be a whole enterprise, a business process or a single location.
  • With the help of our investigation system the information that are essential for the analysis are to be determined by your employees.
  • Within the scope of the actual analysis on site we investigate, by means of questionings and random  examinations of your systems and processes, your topical security level.
  • As a result of the investigation you will receive a structured report with the topical appraisal of your IT security level and concrete action recommendations.
 What can you expect?
  • Goal-oriented structured approach to determine IT risks, besides, there will arise an optimisation approach for the IT service management from it.
  • Comprehensive specialist substantiated analysis by professionally experienced consultants
  • Active prevention of risks.
  • Decision support by transparency of the need for action
  • Structural lacks concerning the IT security within the IT organisation will be uncovered and can be removed.
  • Independent judgement qualified for the proof of an active It security and risk management
  • Attendance of the investigation by an BSI licensed ISO 27001 auditor.
  • Topical appraisal of your IT security level and concrete action recommendations