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Trigonum Consulting - Your IT risk management advice from Hamburg

Risks are not a product of modern times. They've been around since people may think. Solely of dealing with them has changed. Nowadays, you can analyze and thus better understand risks in a variety of ways. As a result, they can be avoided, are attenuated, transferred or accepted.

The assessment of risks is a prerequisite for a successful safety management. As part of our consultation we carry out a risk assessment and give you concrete and individual recommendations for action to reduce risk. Trigonum risk management consulting is more than just a status analysis.

Do you know your IT risks? What about your risk management?

Do you know exactly what the risks of your company are? Only a few companies know the risks that are associated with the IT and deal with these. 

IT risk management consulting with Trigonum

Based on our many years of accumulated experience, we offer methodological support with best practices within the IT risk management. After the identification of IT risks, we provide concrete solutions for improving your IT security based on ISO 27001.

We put you in the position to make the right decisions so that you can take the step from risk identification to risk going treatment and prevention.

Risk Management Consulting - Tool-based status determination with the Trigonum ISMS Framework

The basis for determining the implementation progress of each action is a tool-assisted method. The data is stored in SQL databases and used reporting tools provide graphical, web-based reports for a transparent and clear overview.       

Risk management consultancy with Trigonum Consulting - Your advantages::

• Standardised methodological support for the implementation of analyzes for a holistic risk   assessment
• Comprehensive risk treatment based on with best practices
• transparency in the collection and analysis of the corporate values
• Flexibility in the collection and analysis of the corporate values
• transparency in the assessment of risk group status
• Efficient planning of measures
• Ease of implementation measures control
• Efficient use of resources of safety managers and risk managers
• Illustration of ISO 27001 - or the BSI IT Baseline Protection claims

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