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A tailor-made IT security concept for your company

Trigonum Consulting is developing an individual IT security concept for your company - a further step towards the ISMS

The creation of a security concept is the first step in the implementation of the security guideline as part of the Information Security Management System (ISMS). At your request, we will provide you with an individual IT security concept that meets the needs of your company and in which all legal requirements are taken into account.

Nowadays security plays a central role. Not only because company managers are personally responsible for the IT security or the problem of economic crime is increasing by data theft, but the critical business processes and therefore also the market business live in enormous dependency on a highly available and secure IT infrastructure. However, IT security is significantly more than firewalls and virus programs. It also includes organizational, infrastructural and personnel aspects, which should be considered in a safety concept.

Our IT security concept as a convincing alternative to conventional concepts

However, classic concepts for the systematic and long-term construction of safety structures often fail because they are too little adapted to the practical conditions of the companies. In particular, they do not give the various employees within the organization too little concrete support for their actions and do not include sufficient methods to make the multifaceted safety conditions continuously transparent and to demonstrate the need for action.

Added value through best of breed in the security standards

Because Trigonum has experienced competences in both critical safety standards through experienced auditors, a very appropriate methodological approach exists. Depending on the task, the procedure can be carried out either from the perspective of the BSI basic protection with a large number of concrete measures or from the point of view of ISO 27001 with greater degrees of freedom in the case of less concrete implementation proposals.

Focus on practicable approaches

The IT security concept contains a concrete as well as a very practicable basis - unlike the usual security concepts, which are limited to general action descriptions after the analysis and do not provide usable tools for the implementation.

Systematic procedure in 5 steps

1. Status determination by means of a practice-oriented security check, which is based on internationally recognized standards and leads to a differentiated documentation of the existing safety conditions.
2. Risk assessment by assessing the initial situation and identifying the risks to the company. In addition, the acute need for action is shown here.
3. Process planning with the development of individual company measures taking into account already existing documentation.
4. Definition of the work packages with the definition of the company-related documentation concept, assignment of the responsibilities and development of individual work orders (with detailed descriptions) which take into account the requirements of the safety norms and laws.
5. Implementation with the content of the relevant documentation, concepts and processes using Trigonum templates as well as implementation of the defined IT security concepts and measures, project control, reporting and control of the implementation.
6. This is followed by the optional continuation of the safety management systemIt includes regular internal and external audits, continuous coaching and other support measures for technical or organizational changes.

Your benefit from our individual IT security concept
  • Lower costs and project times through tool-based methodology and use of pre-approved templates for documentation
  • Individual process plans and work orders for a targeted realization
  • Dashboard with traffic light diagrams for a continuous presentation of the possible need for action 
  • Orientation to the recognized standards BSI-Grundschutz and ISO 27001Orientierung an den anerkannten Standards BSI-Grundschutz und ISO 27001
  • Competence transfer by specialists with operational responsibility and experience in the relevant subject areas

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