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Trigonum Consulting provides solutions for IT requirements management

Requirements can reach the IT in various ways. They differ in:

  • Type of transport medium
  • Type of request
  • Applicants
  • Quality request

Conflicts between IT and business

Resource bottlenecks and project inflation result in situations, that problems can not always be processed promptly.

  • Through the "Request Flood", the IT feels permanently overloaded.
  • However, the Department gives the impression of a lack of customer focus and reliability of IT.

Our solution approach for the IT requirements management

  • Establish a structured, centralized requirements management process for all IT and system requirements for the areas of application and infrastructure management.
  • Defining forms
  • Central recording and updating of the requirements
  • Assessment of expenses and benefits by departments and IT
  • Setting up a centrally managed project and task portfolio
  • Establish a regular process (eg, quarterly) for the project and task prioritization for IT with the involvement of the management, the requesting areas and decision makers.
  • A holistic view of projects under determination of all-time and ongoing expenses and costs as these input variables are budget and personnel planning for.
  • Regular updating and publication of the project portfolio, including the deferred work and projects.

The capacity situation in the IT requires prioritization

The difference between resource availability and project requirements requires a prioritization. Basis for this is the transparency of the use of resources in the IT sector.
About the portfolio management, the "right" requirements can be found and selected. The prioritization and portfolio matrix is a transparent overview of the feasible requirements / projects.
The prioritization of projects

  • provides a focus on the most important projects,
  • relieves the IT,
  • increases customer satisfaction,
  • create transparency and liability by deferring projects
  • and thus promotes IT governance.

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Read here more about the implementation of a structured project portfolio and requirements management with the help of our developed solution based on Microsoft Office SharePoint technology.