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IT Strategy Consulting - We provide you with a tailored IT strategy

The IT strategy is fundamentally important to align the information technology to the needs of the business (management, users, customers, etc.). In many cases, an IT strategy does not exist. Thus, the IT lacks an orientation for the big picture as well as the position in the corporate context.
Without an IT strategy, technical infrastructure and application landscape grow into more and more problems. The number of interfaces increases, data and information flows are not continuous, the maintenance of the systems is becoming more complicated and a fast and flexible response to new requirements is no longer possible.
Sooner or later this leads to the fact that IT is viewed as a brakeman and no more than "business enabler".

IT Strategy Consulting - What is all about?

Our professional IT Strategy Consultants jointly determine with you how information technology can best contribute to the achievement of business goals. With the help of the IT strategy will provide a framework in which all parties should move within a longer-term period.
The IT strategy is derived from the corporate strategy. It sets out the future requirements for the processes that protection needs of the information and data and system support. 

What should be achieved with the IT strategy? What we are capable as an advice IT strategy?

A concerted IT and business strategy, including the establishment of IT products and IT services that are needed in the future in the company and provided by the IT organization. Meet compliance requirements. Structure and formation of efficient organizational structures (decentralized / centralized). Definition of hardware and software standards. Determination of policy competencies of the IT organization. Definition of "production depth" in IT (make or buy). As part of the development of IT strategy it is about  to position the IT properly in the company.

Important aspects that we clarify as your IT strategy consulting:

Cost limitation / Demand Fulfillment

The uniform use of standard solutions is cheaper and more stable than highly customized in-house developments . A standard solution can block the differentiation from the competition. What adjustments are implemented? What are " Special curls " that are not economically ? Where worthwhile own internal developments?

Central / Remote
Through purchases and sales complex structures can arise. Different processes and systems increase the complexity. What systems are standard? Who defines the standards? What skills does the IT department have? What are the departments allowed to do? Who defines the standards?

External / Internal
Through Outsourcing costs can be saved, but possibly important knowledge is lost. What internal skills are needed? How much cost the services? Can services be provided externally efficient? Where is the optimal division of tasks? 

Our professional IT strategy consultancy can help your company with faster implementation and strategic flexibility in developing a IT strategy tailored to your company. Feel free to contact us and arrange with us today a no-obligation information session.


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