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TrigonumScore makes IT costs visible

Concerning the transparency of the IT costs in the enterprises it is apparently in many cases worse than expected. According to the Trigonum study, published in the technical periodicals Computer Week and CIO, positive conditions exist in this regard merely in every fifth case.  In contrast, two of five of the nearly 400 questioned middle class enterprises and large-scale enterprises, call the cost transparency of their information technology and communication technology dissatisfactory.  As a consequence 54 percent of the companies judge, that they are clearly limited in their possibilities to reach continuous cost optimisation. Also the cost factors can often be identified only by chance. In addition their will be disadvantages by the annual planning and budget planning because of missing concrete figures.

TrigonumSCORE offers an effective answer to it. It includes a consistent analysis of the ITK costs by using Best Practice, internationally approved standards like ITIL and ISO27001 as well as essential market data and data of experience. The solution TrigonumSCORE is based on a systematic approach, altogether on six phases, which contain recommendations on action for every step after the project planning and exactly lead to the purpose like a navigation system:

How should the IT be seen?

For the assessment of the economic efficiency a detailed insight into the whole terms is required. Therefore, within the scope of the initial actual admission, the IT oriented strategies and concepts are also lighted up in detail like the project portfolio and the existing technical systems.  A special attention is also concentrated on the precise consideration of the cost structures and the IT-organisation with their personnel resources. In addition the structure of the IT processes as well as the service level agreements and service contracts will be determined.

How efficient are the organisation terms?

By means of a general analysis an inquiry of a strength and weakness profile of the central and decentralised organisation occurs, including the interfaces to the adjoining departments. The investigation of the organisation relations also encloses an assessment of the responsibilities, technical qualifications and planning of the personnel resources.

Do the services and processes support ambitious purposes?

In this phase the concrete IT alignment of defined criteria is examined, in respect of the way the strategical positioning, the structure of the whole achievement portfolio and the operational sequences correspond to the actual demand of the enterprise. The standards of assessment enclose the adequacy of the technology concepts as well as the economic efficiency, availability and quality. These results are shown in a process map with differentiated appraisal of the degree of ripeness.
The economic efficiency of the IT shown in concrete figures
With an assessment of the economic characteristics, processes, competencies and methods of the IT area, TrigonumSCORE finally comes to the analysis phase. It extends into the inquiry of the total costs per product and service for the purpose of an external service provider (TCO) and also contains a cost-benefit evaluation of the outsourcing and service agreements. The whole results are shown in clearly structured overviews with the characteristics, quantity structures and cost structures.

To which intelligent conclusions do the results lead?

Analyses are only worth the trouble, if the necessary consequences are drawn from it. Therefore, Trigonum develops on the basis of the obtained results, concrete models for the specific optimisation of the transparency and economic efficiency of the IT organisation. They contain demand actuated prioritization of the necessary measures, describe the possible methods and provide a differentiated basis for decision-making. In this connection also intelligent answers will be delivered to the significant make-or-buy question.

The benefit of TrigonumSCORE

  • Transparent IT cost management
  • Potential of reduction of costs and hidden costs  will be disclosed
  • A clear calculation procedure for the assessment of IT achievements + services
  • A basis for operational  assured decisions
  • Cost-performance transparency enabled substantiated make-or-buy assessment and improvement of contracts
  • Simplification of the  cost-benefit consideration
  • Optimisation of processes for budget planning, cost  and benefit allocation
  • Clear responsibilities of the service organisationEfficient service processes
  • Status of the personel situationTransparent project and task portfolio

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