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Our external data protection check for your company

Our external data protection check is used to assess the level of data protection in your company, in order to make possible potential weaknesses and risks transparent. In this way, you receive a neutral actual picture of the state of data protection in your company.

Depending on the test result, you will receive recommendations for the use of risk measures or recommendations, the measures already taken by you to ensure effective data protection.

Proceeding of our external Data Protection Supervisor:

  • Identify the existing company structure
  • Analysis of the data protection-relevant documents
  • Identification of weak points and security gaps
  • Preparation of a results report on the state of data protection including determination of weaknesses, risk assessment and measures catalog

External data protection - Scope and process of status analysis:

Trigonum Consulting uses best practice checklists, which are based on the BDSG as well as the data protection and IT security components of the basic protection of the BSI, for the status determination of the current data protection level.

The status analysis on the topic of external data protection by Trigonum Consulting takes place in the following 4 steps: