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We develop a suitable data protection concept for your company

Companies are pursuing data protection goals

  • Compliance with legal and company-specific regulations on data protection
  • Responsible handling of personal and sensitive data of our employees, suppliers and partners
  • Planning, implementation and operation of secure IT processes and processes

Data protection and IT security as a corporate objective

  • Lead to minimized risks when using personal data (e.g. confidentiality)
  • Increase data and process security
  • Strengthen customer confidence by adhering to rules of conduct
  • Promote the quality of business processes
  • Increase transparency
  • Secure the company's success

The data protection concept serves to achieve the objectives

The data protection concept of a company determines which requirements of data protection must be adhered to in the processing of personal data and how these should be implemented. The aim of this document is to provide a summary of the data protection aspects and to describe the measures that your company fulfills the requirements of data protection law. It can also be used as the basis for data protection tests.

Together with you, we develop a data protection concept to meet the legal and company-specific rules for data protection applicable to your company.

Our approach to creating

  • Status determination: inventory and objective assessment of the situation with focus on data protection laws.
  • Creation of data privacy concept: Creation of individually tailored data protection concepts.
  • Implementation: Implementation of the concepts, in particular the data protection processes and policies as well as the preparation of procedural directories.
  • Training / Awareness: Training of employees. Development of a responsible security awareness in the company.
  • Ensuring ongoing operations: Continual development of data protection concepts.